Thursday, February 18, 2010


Lyra dear,

It's been two months today:
Right now I should be making the final preparations for you to come at any moment.
Right now I should be so uncomfortable that I'm ready for you to come out.
Right now I should be questioning every ache and pain in case it's the start of labor.

Right now I'm crying because I'll never get to bring you home.
Right now I'm aching for all that we'll miss out on in watching you grow up.
Right now I'm wishing to hold you.

It hurts because we miss you. We rejoice in the time we had with you, but it was just too short. You've changed our lives, and we'll never forget.

Loving you always,


  1. Beautiful letter! My heart aches for you and I wish we had our babies in our arms. xo

  2. A lot of hugs to you today! XO

  3. My due date is October 29th. I am dreading October - it just seems to mock me, all the Halloween and skeletons and angel of must have been hard to get through your due date. But you did, so I suppose I will, too.