Tuesday, February 2, 2010


"Constellation: Lyra"
Digital Media

History of the Constellation: "Mercury found the body of a tortoise cast up by the Nile, and discovered that by striking the sinews after the flesh was consumed a musical note was obtained. He made a lyre of similar shape, having three strings, and gave it to Orpheus, the son of Calliope, who by its music enchanted the beasts, birds and rocks. After Orpheus was slain by the Thracian women, Jupiter placed the lyre in heaven at the request of Apollo and the Muses. This constellation was often called Vultur Cadens, or the Falling Grype by the ancients."

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  1. What a beautiful way to name your daughter. And a beautiful place to look when you are missing her. I love your rendition. Our daughter is "oak". We are planting 500 oak trees (us + friends and family). We have 142 on our property and counting. Oaks will be our grandchildren from Nara. I have found myself staring with awe and pride at random oak trees, imagining her future leaves towering above the heads of our sons' children.