Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Written by a dear friend, and providing some creative inspiration for me today:

Written by Angela Woods

"Sadness has a beauty that happiness consumes,
And fragility that penetrates the bones."

But your red and green of this Christmas scene
Carries me through the year celebrating
For red hair a shock of passion and serene
And green eyes bore through souls, knowing.

The pit of the cherry was lost in our grip
Now all solidarity mentions our whisp
Of a friendship, the sweet lullaby,
the task of our friendship is the dear soul's light.

Take our concerns and we'll hold them awhile,
But all of those sermons can't unfurrow our brow
From deep loss and understanding a deeper cost
For giving our dreams and losing our cause.

About the piece: Written about friendship and experiences, highs and lows, & living life. 

About the author: Angela is a poet and musician, but enjoys any of the art-mediums. She currently lives in Chicago, IL. You can find more of Angela's work at http://writeangleenneagram.blogspot.com/

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