Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a busy weekend, with two 6 hour drives as bookends to it all. One of the busy factors was a wedding...on the first day of spring...and it snowed. Besides the disappointment in the trippy weather, it was a perfectly lovely time. Beautiful bride, happy groom, meeting up with old college friends, and beautiful yummy cake.

And in spite of all that beauty and fun, I was terrified. When I sat down with the bride to design the invitations late last year, I had told her that depending on when Lyra came, I might have to get some help to get the programs completed. I had planned to bring a 1 month old to this wedding.

Of course there were two babies who looked less than 2 months old there. I didn't know the parents, so I wasn't confronted with the obviousness of my empty arms in comparison to their full ones. But one friend unknowingly provided some comfort to me though.

She had her daughter who is a little over a year old with her. At first I didn't feel like opening up to the child. The girl was shy, so there actually wasn't a lot of pressure. It wasn't until her mom and I sat next to each other in a circle of girlfriends that the little girl and I had our moment. She just looked at me, and put her hand on my leg. It was just a split second. Nothing obviously special or premeditated. But you know what? A part of me felt like maybe she knew. 

I won't be so bold to think it was anything other than normal child/adult interaction, but the experience made me think of a particular post on the blog Walks with Frost. I do think children have a less complicated way of viewing and knowing people. Whatever the case, it helped me in that moment.


  1. I totally agree with you about kids just knowing... My friend's little boy is going through the "scared of everyone but mommy and daddy" stage at 11 mos old and I'm the only other person who he'll let hold him without crying... I see them often but there are other people who see him just as often but he lets me hold him and coddle him and coo at him... I think he knows it makes me feel better... he just knows...

  2. I'm glad you ended up having a nice time at the wedding. I too think little children know more than we do, that they sense things in a clearer way perhaps. There have been a few times now when a small child/baby has been looking at me but they do not smile until I mentally pull Liam up into moment, and sure enough, the child smiles! It is amazing and has happened more than once. I think they know, somehow, someway.

  3. God brings us comfort in the most precious ways. And those little ones are more in tune than we adults give them credit for. Thankful that you had that moment. May you have more.