Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm new to the blog world. Or rather the dedicated blog world. I don't know all the proper etiquette or the inside knowledge of how to do things. I haven't responded to the people who have left comments, unless they ask a particular question of me.

I want to let those who follow this blog, who occasionally read it, and who stumble across it - I want you to know I appreciate your comments. It let's me know I'm not alone. It lets me know your story. It exposes me to other views, and words, and ways of making it through this pain. I read every single comment, and gain strength and encouragement from this community of people. Thank you.


  1. I think that is perfect etiquette. Comments help so much. I sometimes feel like blogs saved my sanity. xo

  2. You are so welcome... and thank you to you too. xo

  3. You just do things as you want to do things. I don't really follow any of the "rules" either, what ever they might be.
    Glad you're feeling less alone.

  4. Sometimes I don't know what to say, but I'm glad that even when I awkwardly respond, you gain strength from it. Because when I read your blog, whatever the emotion, because it's real, I'm blessed by it.

  5. Kathy said it better than I can.
    Hear hear.