Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I woke up this morning knowing I was to meet a friend at a local park. I got dressed, unaware of the weather for the day. I left early to run some errands and do some art before meeting up. The mist held off until I was done being inside, and was ready to be outside. But I was ok with it. It fit my mood, and I was comfortable with the wet. It makes my hair even curlier - thus unruly. But I'm learning to embrace even it helps if I tie it down so as not to escape. As I took pictures at one park and then the next, I felt the water slowly dampen my clothes. This top picture could be my submission for the April challenge on Creative Everyday. The other pictures are proof that a good time was had by all, and that signs can be witty while still doing their job.


  1. Mmm. like the wet windshield. and the curly you. when do we get to see a picture of you again? I miss rachel.
    I miss having friends who think signs like this are awesome.
    when are you moving to canada?

  2. I'd agree with Laura. I miss seeing pictures of you. You could do a self-portrait and name it Rachel - 4.20.2010.

    p.s. Canada is great.