Tuesday, April 6, 2010


For the March of Dimes walk that is coming up on the 17th, a few of the walkers have decided to make shirts. I wanted to do a practice one to make sure it would work before we all got together. And voila, this is the result. I'm also making a few other things for the walk, but will have to wait to show those til afterwards, as I don't want to give the surprise away.

Shirt for March of Dimes walk

And for Easter we visited Lyra's grave again. L hadn't seen the new gravestone yet, and it just felt like that's where we needed to be. We walked around the cemetery, finding quite a few infant/toddler graves. And then enjoyed some time in the nearby park, trying to relax and not get hung up on what we are missing out on.


  1. How do you do it?!!! You get so much done on here. I start my days thinking of all of the things I need to do, but I end up doing not so much. I really admire this about you.