Thursday, May 27, 2010


Things we've done since arriving in Nebraska yesterday:
-Pet the cow
-Chased the kitties
-Helped building a bridge
-Puddle jumping (2.5 inches of rain in one night)
-Blowing in wind
-Lots of art

The list will continue to grow, as we have 4 more days here. It's so relaxing. Not much to worry or to think about. Of course Lyra is never far from my mind, but it's not as stressing as it is when we're home. Escaping to another location is always helpful for that.


  1. thats why i go to the beach so often, hmmm, wonder if i could become a gypsy....sending love, anne xxx

  2. escaping to a different location does help. sounds like nebraska is relaxing if not a bit wet!

  3. Enjoy your few days off, let your feet and mind wander...

  4. I agree. I loved being away for a bit! Enjoy!

  5. How wonderful. To pet a cow just seems serene. Have a relaxing and restful time.

  6. you helped build a bridge!? really? tell us more...