Friday, May 7, 2010


So I'm rowing. Well, I'm rather in a class to learn to row. I got turned on to it from a friend who has a sister who's the coxswain for the local university club. I thought it was a shame I knew nothing about rowing til recently, as I think it would have been something I would have enjoyed. We joked around about me going back to college to join the rowing team. And then she sent me a link about the local rowing association. And their classes.

It's something new. It's the most active thing I've done since Lyra died. It gets me out, with relatively low human interaction compared to other things I could do. Each stroke I take helps me release the active grief I store up - I guess it could be similar to Amy's poem. It is it's own therapy in a sense. 

And this is my 100th post. I used to randomly choose from the 10 comments (1 was emailed to me), and the lucky winner is...Liberty from Divinity Within!! She will receive the bookmark and magnet in the mail shortly! AND, I'll answer my own questions I asked here in another post.

I haven't done a creative piece every single day, but I've done more art now than in the last 4 years. Thank you for reading, viewing, sharing, and commenting. It means a lot to me.


  1. I think that is really neat that you have taken this step - I hope it is a good release.
    And the low human interaction part is a bonus - getting you out and active but without as much of the social stress (expectation to act normal etc).

    I am so honoured and excited to have won your giveaway!
    Thank you :-)
    I look forward to reading your answers to your own questions.

  2. happy century post curls xxx anne

  3. hi Rachel (and other readers)
    I just wanted to give warning for anyone following the link to my blog that I posted a poem I wrote for my mom on there.
    I realise the whole M Day thing can be a big grief trigger and if you'd like to remove the link to my blog in light of that, I won't be offended at all :-)