Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This post is going to cover a variety of things, so it will be all over the place.

Creative Everyday
McCormick Family

Sculpture Update
I was out of town when Sculpture Walk About reception was held, announcing the artists and the chance to meet them. So I drove by the sculpture this morning and found this:
So I came home and googled, and found that much of her artwork is centered around the casualties of war. You can see more images of her sculptures and her bio here. I hate to admit that I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't specifically about stillbirth or infant death. It's a powerful piece though, and ultimately, it's still about child loss, just in a different context.

Nebraska Activities 

  • I had a comment wondering about my bridge building. I should clarify by saying that it was L  and my f.i.l. who were doing the bridge building, and I was helping with the documentation of it :) It is a small bridge that my in-laws are making by their house to help make a better driveway.
  • Once of the days we took flowers to my L's grandpa's grave at the local cemetery. We did that, and remembered that L had a second cousin who was stillborn. We found his grave, and left a flower for him too. The name of the parents are on the gravestone, but I photoshopped them out.
  • We actually did quite a bit of shooting this past weekend. Just target practice. (And L was not standing on the bridge while I was shooting...)
  • And we finished up the weekend with a delightful trip to the local lake for a night of camping for my b.i.l's birthday. The weather was perfect, and everyone had a great time. 


  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in Nebraska. And kind of excited that you found out who that artist is.

  2. nice to see you back here, i missed you, child loss is child loss and losing a child to war....... we can all imagine xxx anne