Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As requested in the comments, I'm posting a picture of the tattoos we got after Lyra died. We got them January 2nd...2 weeks after she left us. These are her footprints from the hospital stamp they did, but we did have to size them down a little bit, so they'd fit our feet better. (This picture is right after it was done, so the area is still a little swollen and red)


  1. Those are so beautiful. What an amazing way to remember and honor Lyra.

  2. So sweet. My husband got one of Stevie's footprints tattooed on each of his feet, so that when he was biking, she'd be there pedaling with him. I love that you and your husband have matching tattoos.

  3. I love the tattoos. We are going to get Shealyn's footprints tattooed on us but but I want other stuff besides her footprints.