Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays

3 things I'm thankful for:

1) Fireflies. Means it's summer and that kids (and some adults!) will be running after the little splotches of color that sporadically pop up around the yards and parks.

2) My husband. He deserves all my thanks for taking care of me and loving me. Even when it's hard.

3) This blog: Still Life 365 is the gravy to my mashed potatoes. I like art. I'm grieving. What better combo than a blog that combines the freedom to express how you're grieving/how you remember/how you love your child(ren) and the fact that you don't have to be a fine arts major to submit. There's no critiquing or sniggling at anyone's work. Just acceptance for the process that we each go through after the death of our children. Poetry, crafts, photographing, gardening, butterfly hatching, written rambling, and food making are just a sliver of the mediums available that you can submit. Consider it...please? For me?


  1. I love Still Life 365 too, that's how I found you. Such a great site.x

  2. I didn't realize we both said goodbye to our little angels at about the same time...I love still life too!!

  3. Fireflies and husbands are great things to be thankful for. And I have been deeply touched by still life.

  4. I'm with Jeanette and Catherine.

  5. Three things that are great to be thankful for! I think that's a great site too. XO

  6. I love love Still life 365. :-)