Monday, July 12, 2010


Anger Art
"For The Coward"
Mixed media on watercolor paper

I ranted and screamed and cursed in oil pastels on the first layer. A wash of watercolors over the top. Some acrylics came next. And then back to the oil pastels for the main images on top. Another wash of watercolors to to finish it off.

I liked this method of venting. Of taking all those pent up emotions for a particular situation and person and wailing on my supplies. It's healthier than punching someone in the face, or writing a nasty letter and sending it to them. I've done what I could for this situation in reality, and yet there are still ripples from the experience. So, my art gets to help me finish working through it all. It may not be a fine work of art, but it's good therapy.


  1. this is my favourite kind of therapy

  2. good on you curls, better out than in i say! great piece, looks very angry , sending loads of love xxx

  3. This is good to do; it's healthy and I pray that it helps you work through the emotions of the situation.

  4. There's something about colour and emotion and the physical act of letting it out on the page, that is so good, isn't there? Grr to the coward, but good on you for turning it into something amazing. xxxh