Monday, August 30, 2010


1 x 5
Watercolor & Pen


  1. This is wonderful! wow. somehow I find it powerful to have only part of the dragonfly and flower showing... it causes my mind to expand beyond the borders (I know that may sound cheesy but... I'm a bit of a flake :)
    I love the pattern you used in the wings.

  2. Your art reminded me of a local group that sends dragonfly cards to people who are grieving. They also send a little story about dragonflies that goes along with it nicely. You can see it here:

  3. wow, beautiful and a stange thing is that I've just done a dragon fly, too! how weird is that?? I drew it on to one of the petals in the paper I made two days ago... Yours is much nicer...


  4. I have the wire dragon fly you made me in my room. It still is my favorite, followed by Mr. Moon. v

  5. are so talented!

  6. Hello,

    I've never commented before but I want to say hello. I'm sorry for the death of Lyra. There really isn't anything else I can say except for that it is so unfair. I hope this pregnancy goes smoothly and is entirely uncomplicated.

    On another note, your watercolors are quite beautiful. I love how vibrant they are. Usually watercolors are much more muted.

    Thank you for sharing them.


  7. I've enjoyed the last few posts; sorry I haven't been able to comment. I love how you express your heart and mind through words (last post) and then through beautiful art work, like this post.

  8. Hi - This is Letters to Serendipity that recently bought a print of what you use as your blog banner. I love your dragonfly, as well. I don't know if you are on Facebook, but there is someone on my friend list named "Minnesota Dragonflies" that posts about dragonflies...some interesting things can be found there. Butterflies and dragonflies seem to be commonly thought of by people grieving. My husband and I connect butterflies with our Nara, even before we lost her. I love your work.