Thursday, August 5, 2010


Why is it that some things don't phase me as much: Such as the sears baby portrait junk ad I got in the mail today.
And some things just knock me down: Another milestone that we're missing out on in regards to babies around Lyra's 'supposed to be' age. I suppose that will always be something I notice. I wish I could just shake it all off and be normal and fine.

I have a cherry pie in the oven...intended to be a surprise for L. It will still serve that purpose, but will also be some comfort food for me now.


  1. I agree it is odd how some things hit so much harder than random sometimes.

  2. Glad the cherry pie was in the oven for you, even though you didn't know it. Praying for you....

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  4. Hope you enjoy your sweet cherry pie! Sounds yummy!