Friday, August 13, 2010


I need your feedback please.

I'm organizing a balloon release event for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day on October 16th.
Which scenario seems more like something you'd like to be a part of if you were attending, and keep in mind it's a  Saturday morning...10am. I had plans to do it on the 15th in the evening, but I forgot about timing of the sun setting.

A) Prep and release balloons at the beginning of the event. Then gather inside afterward and share readings, poems, and browse art. (This gives the option of being a part of the "main event" with the option of leaving or staying for the other activities)

B) Optional gathering to view art, and prepare balloons. Official time would start with sharing poems/readings and end with balloon release. (This gives a build up to the balloon release, but would be a little longer expectation for people's time)

C) Other suggestions?


  1. I think either way would work well. Maybe you could do a combination of the two - optional gathering to view art, prep balloons and sharing poems/readings with the balloon release at a specific time following all of that? That way folks that want to do the whole thing could, there would be a build up to the release, and those that just want to show up for the release can.

    Or maybe it would be difficult to know when to time the release? I don't know.

    Sorry, maybe this wasn't much help at all. :)

  2. I like B. You can give an estimate of time for the balloon release, if you think that people might only want to come for that. Time the rest of it? Sounds lovely. Wish Kansas were closer.

  3. I like both ideas.. but B sounds lovely. My little Joseph was born on Oct 15th and he passed on the 16th. I wish I could part of your celebration. I'm looking for things to do in Arizona!

  4. Sounds wonderful. I like option B. I think having the balloon release be last would be very nice.

  5. hi curls my internet is down but i have a quick grab, i like b. could you do one for harvey please? what a great thing to do xxxx

  6. I like B, and Angie's idea of letting people know the approx timing for baloon release, so they can just turn up for that if they want.

    I think I speak on behalf of many habitually tardy people (who are trying to become more punctual, but with mixed success) who would be very sad to miss it if they were 5 minutes late.

    Good on you for organising - which city will it be in? Would love to come, xxxh

  7. What a special event to organize. I'm liking the option B, since I could imagine that it would be very meaningful to end with the balloon release.

  8. I like B too, a balloon release at the end would be beautiful!

  9. Hey! I just found you...and looks like everyone already voted my thoughts. I participated in a cancer walk/run that had a balloon release at the end of the event. My dad at the time was one of the survivors who released a balloon, and it was a powerful and emotional time at the end. We had spent the whole morning participating in activities in the name of cancer and hope, so to end with the balloons was a great way to wrap things up and drive home our purpose for being there.

    Therefore, B.