Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I just spent half an hour scouring blogs to try and find a post I thought I remembered so I could link it here my own post. My brain either never filed the blogger/post information , or it's just severely lost somewhere in there (so sorry to the original blogger). But ever since reading aforementioned ghost post, and hearing another friend mention a safety deposit box, the thought had been niggling my brain that we should have one as well. Of course for our important documents, but also for things of Lyra's.

I opened one two weeks ago. It took me til today to finally sit down and print out pictures, her story and decide what would leave her little hospital memory box so it could be safe in case something happened to our apartment. Ugh. I feel so strongly about making her stuff safe because it's all we have of her...the pictures and blanket and outfit she wore. We don't have her here to bounce around and create new memories and pictures.

Jill! Thank you! It was still bothering me that I couldn't put my finger on where I had read it. Yes - you got me started thinking about the safety deposit box. I now have your post linked above.

Baby S.uh is at 19 weeks already. I've been feeling kicks every now and again...not aggressively enough to spell out a normal routine though. A week from tomorrow we'll have the sono to find out the sex. So excited. Please pray/send vibes that S.uh shows his/her goods so I don't have to wait any longer. I'm terrible at being patient.
On a creative note, or maybe an organizational note, I'm going to try and organize my recipes. *Cue foreboding music* This is a daunting task for me. There are 973 different ways to do it: on the computer, hand written, a combo of both, software, note cards, full sheets, recipe box, binder and of course how to separate all the recipes. I want to do what works for me. But I don't know what works!! Right now I have a mish mash of recipes stuffed in a folder. WHEN I actually get around to cooking or baking something, I shuffle through everything 11 times to find the recipe, or I just end up giving up and going to and hoping to find something identical. I *think* what I want to do is a binder system, with the recipe sheets from magazines, or hand written, or typed up in their protective sheets, and I can just pull them out of the binder, and then pop them back in??

Tell me how you keep your recipes and what works for you?


  1. Oh, the recipe files . . . I have been collecting recipes since college, and I frequently edit them down and add more. I actually have a 5 subject binder (old school) inside a hard-backed binder. I separated the sections by appetizer/soups, salads/bread/side dishes, vegetarian/brunch, seafood/meat, and dessert. I also have about a kazillion cookbooks. I'd have to live 245 years to make all these recipes, but I'm trying :)

    I edit and pare down the recipes frequently-often I'll find I have 14 mac and cheese recipes and really, I'm not going to try them all. Also, there are the recipes I save when I'm feeling ambitious, but in all honesty I'm not going to make chicken and rock shrimp sauce probably ever!

    As for the safety deposit box, good job--I still haven't printed Calla's pictures . . . I just can't seem to get around to it.

  2. Hilarious, I finally got around to organizing my recipes a few months ago...I did the binder with the protective sheets and then organized them by appetizer, soups, main dishes, etc. It works really well and has helped a lot when looking for recipes!

  3. oh gosh... my recipes are a big jumbled mess of handwritten or printed out recipes with messy little annotations or adjustments on them... all gathered in a plastic bag. total chaos. I need a system too!

    wishing for gender to be revealed to you ASAP!!!

  4. I used to retype and condense and add pretty clip art... and then realized how ridiculous I was and started to just rip them out of magazines or print them off of the internet place them in protective sheets in alphabetical order in a binder!

    I have been debating a fire proof box for months. I am SO afraid of losing everything I have of Claire's... it makes me anxious when I am out of the house and most especially when I am out of town.

    Yah for ultrasounds!

  5. I just wrote not long ago about opening a safety deposit box. I have no doubt that it was a great thing to do. Since we only have so many memories to cherish, we want to make sure they are always safe. I actually wish I could fit more in those darn boxes :) Anyways, I hope having Lyra's stuff there brings you some peace.

    I cannot wait for you to find out the sex. That is such an exciting time!

    I have said I would organize recipes for years! I think you just inspired me to get working on it!

  6. I'm thinking about trying to get all my recipes on a blogspot blog. I can use my phone to look up recipes in the kitchen. And it would make it easy to share recipes too. It'd be a lot of typing though.

  7. I have a recipe blog. I just tag each one and then the recipes are easy to find, by ingredients and name.

    The safety deposit box is a good idea.

  8. I tried the binder way, but our lack of storage meant I'd have to crawl up onto a chair to reach the binders, which meant I didn't add new recipes or use them at all if I thought I could just re-look up the recipe ( is a great recipe site and you can keep a cookbook there of the recipes you like it used to be So I now have a file cabinet that I plan to tame paper dragons with, including recipes and excess spices in baggies (we order from - really fresh, flavorful spices that are cheap because you buy the bottles and then refill from the baggies they send...)but I need to buy the hanging rack and file folders...
    I like the safety deposit box idea, it's very wise. My house burned down when we were in 9th grade and we lost all our mementos. But I think it would be so hard not to have Nara's things in our really is a big decision.

  9. That's a good idea of the safety deposit box to keep Lara's things safe.

    As for the recipes, ugh! I have them in a photo folder thing, in categories, but I still can't seem to find them. Plus, there isn't much room to add more. I like the binder idea, because although it's convenient on the computer, are you going to haul your laptop to the kitchen? But good for you to getting organized!