Sunday, October 31, 2010

Art Every Day Month Preparation

After signing up for Art Every Day Month (AEDM), I knew I needed to come up with a game plan in order to stay on track. I've been a bit lax on my Creative Every Day goal, and didn't want this to fall to the wayside too. Though as Leah is so good at repeating, there is no pressure or guilt - it's just meant to be a freeing experience to do what you can and get in touch with the creative in you.

So, as I brainstormed what I might use as a prompt for each day of November, I remembered a blog I've been following: Art & Soul by Kate. I love the simple ideas she presents in association with healthy living, having self confidence, and no apologies for a focus on art in your life. I contacted her, to see if I would be able to use 30 of her prompts to help in my AEDM journey, and she was very encouraging and is allowing me to do so. I'm quite excited, and below is my plan for the month of November!! 

AEDM 2010
Art & Soul Prompts by Kate
(Links to Kate's original posts will be posted with my artwork. Text below is from Kate's blog.)

How to be an Artist...
1. Be mindful: Become completely present in what you are doing. Let that action alone anchor you in every passing moment.
2. Take another look: Change your perspective.
3. Reflect: Take time daily to remember and appreciate yourself.
4. Send love: Make someone a handmade card.
5. Be a student: Study nature.
6. Pay attention to detail: Notice the beauty around you daily.
7. Plant good seeds: Repeat daily positive affirmations.
8. Stay grounded: Plant deep roots and reach for the sky.
9. Be grateful: Have gratitude for one thing a day.
10. Learn to see: See art everywhere and in everything.
11. Serve humanity: Let your art be your service to the world.
12. Change your thoughts: Break free from an old belief or thought pattern about who you think you should be.
13. Challenge identity: Let go of who you think you are, to allow the possibility of your true self to shine through.
14. Feel first - think later
15. Re-define: Your vocabulary, your thoughts, your days.
16. Be quiet: Practice silence.
17. Receive: Watch the sunset and give gratitude for all you've received from it in this day.
18. Breathe: Stop. Check in, breathe.
19. Be your work: Let a little bit of you shine through everything that you do.
20. Take a hike, or a walk or a drive: Taking time to reconnect with nature will refresh and inspire you, while taking you out of the confines of your usual home, space, or state of mind.
21. Let it grow: Nuture life - plant a flower, tree, garden
22. Take the plunge: Dive in.
23. Honor the child within: Never lose your sense of awe.
24. Appreciate: Rejoice in the successes of others.
25. Surrender: Open your heart to possibility.
26. Respect your elders: There are many who have traveled before us.
27. Trust: Trust and depend on others.
28. Keep your chin up: Maintain a positive mental attitude.
29. Be present
30. Create your space: Create a room or space (literally) for your art in your life.

I'm excited about the mindset of the prompts...a spurring of positivity each day. I can't say my grief won't still show through, but it will challenge me to have a moment in the day where I focus on something besides baby death and my fears.

I've created and bound a sketchbook for AEDM 2010 and will post the day after as I am able (with U.S. Thanksgiving possibly delaying some postings). I did not bind any watercolor paper, so I'm going to try and focus on another medium for the month. I hope to use mainly pen and pencil and maybe some's good to be stretched :)

Wish me luck, and if you are able to participate I look forward to seeing what you do! And to the many of those who are doing NaNoWriMo , wishing you many good ideas! What I love about these challenges is the that it's not about perfection or "who is better". It's about creativity and getting comfortable with your craft and yourself... Banning the critic and just allowing yourself to learn and grow without guilt. Or that's my take on them :)  Wishing you all a creative November!!


  1. Hi Rachel,

    I'm really looking forward seeing your work! Sending loving, creative, healing energy your way for your month of learning, growth, and art :)

    I'm also so excited to share and exchange, (in a small part) in your process!



  2. i'm so excited to start NaNoWriMo today! Good luck to your CEDM challenge. Happy creating!