Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AEDM: Day 2

AEDM 2010
Art & Soul Prompts by Kate
November 2
Take another look: Change your perspective.
My tentative perspective of the world these past 10 months.
Still working on changing it.


  1. Cool sketch, Rachel. Really evocative of what it is like to be babylost.

  2. I've had many days like this. Such a powerful drawing.

  3. Over time, the blinds will recede a bit, but until you are ready, it's okay to be behind them, peeking out.

  4. Love it ~ that is how I have felt lately too!

  5. This is so beautiful. Ohmigawsh.

    And on a personal note, my daughter Marlena was stillborn twenty years ago. I can feel your grief in your image here. Beautiful, sorrowful, and I won't give you any trite suggestions here.

    Using art is so valuable.

    I hope to get to know you better through Art Every Day Month. I still enjoy (strange word) being able to safely talk about Marlena.

    Twenty years and three subsequent children, I still love talking safely about Marlena.

    Read my AEDM adventures2010 here.

  6. I hit the button too soon, I meant to say great drawing, and one day at a time will hopefully help heal your heart.

  7. That's my perspective 90% of the time... Nice drawing <3

  8. Wow, so true of how it feels to look at the rest of the world while in the depths of grieving for your child.