Friday, November 5, 2010

AEDM: Day 5

AEDM 2010
Art & Soul Prompts by Kate
November 5

Be a student: Study nature.
Kansas Autumn
Pencil and Marker
It's getting colder, and the leaves are mostly changed and fallen. As I drove out in the country today, I saw some trees stubbornly holding on to their top-most leaves. Their beauty time had passed, and no one is ready to take photos of them now. There are no wild flowers, or even "pretty" weeds. Everything is preparing for winter...turning brown and dying.

Everything except the winter wheat. It has sprouted...bright and green. It's waiting for the cold weather. For the freeze, rain or a light layer of snow. It then goes dormant, and will continue growing in the spring to later be harvested later in the summer. 

The stark contrast of brown, neutral colors to the green sprouting was my study for this AEDM prompt. Thanks Kate!


  1. oo, what an interesting color combo to spot. love it!

  2. I love the way that the brighter greens of the in the foreground give a sense of new life even as the trees in the background are going dormant.

  3. I like this one a lot. Very nice!

  4. I love the stories you are able to create with your work here. Different cycles rise and fall, always with the promise of new growth to come... Endurance during unfavorable conditions...

    I am really enjoying all of your daily creations!

    xo Kate

  5. Wonerful! The vibrant green against the winter scene is lovely.