Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random: Wind and Projects

I'm sitting here in a quiet house, listening to the loud wind outside. There is always wind. I thought it was windy in our last location, but where we are now is even windier. Good hair days only happen if you stay inside and never leave the house. And if there are a few moments of no wind, you about fall over because you're so used to leaning into it all the time.

It's a constant. Which is comforting in it's own bizarre way.

Sweet Cynthia contacted me after she lost her little baby girl, Nara, and we exchanged some messages, one of which included this: "I will go and say "Lyra" to the wind. It's a windy day. It will travel far...she will be an international traveler." 

I may still grumble about the wind, but since that message, I have looked at the wind differently. I have used that phrase with other BLM's as well now, because there is so much wind here to help the names of so many loved babies travel far and wide. I'm thankful for that new perspective, and the inspiration from Cynthia.


Simon, at 4.5 months, is:
-teething (it's quite an ordeal...poor little guy)
-enjoying his toes immensely (when he's not in the thralls of pain)
-practicing his sitting up (he loves the Bumbo his friend James lent to him)
-laughing and giggling even when we're not trying to make him do so
-still refusing to roll from tummy to back (he knows how since he did it several times when we was "younger"...he's just being stubborn)


Somehow I've still managed to do a few projects...all inspired by things posted on Pin.terest. I think I've done 5 total: 
1) refashioning of some flip flops
2) refashioning frames for a cool display setup thingy (terribly unclear)
3) No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles (yumm!)
4) started a painting
5) making a summer scarf

I have to work on things in 15 minute spurts...Simon distracts me. And I'm actually quite impatient. If it takes too long or is too detailed, I implode. It's a rather large drawback to being a creative think I'd have worked through that by now :)

So many good ideas floating around out there...
And I like the feeling of creativity again.


  1. That's a wonderful thought. I will say Xavier into the wind and hope it will travel to his ears.

  2. Poor Simon, teething is yuck. Ernest seems to like teething powders for his, at least they distract him long enough to forget the pain. We use an amber teething necklace too...not sure if that works,but it looks nice.

    Creativity and caring for babies is a tough mix...15 minute spurts here too. x

  3. Thanks for the inspiration--and the link to the recipe! Simon sounds like a total lovebug. It's windy here today, I think I'll go whisper some baby names into it.

  4. I love that wind idea!

    My creativity, if it can be called that, usually occurs after bedtime (though often by then I'm too tired to do much) or first thing in the morning, when I'm up alone with the baby and she is kind of content to just do her own thing.

  5. Whispering Lyra's name for you today, on this windy day down under. Loved and missed the world over.

  6. these words are SO beautiful and totally moved me. thank you :-)
    <<"I will go and say "Lyra" to the wind. It's a windy day. It will travel far...she will be an international traveler." >>

  7. No wonder I came here today - it is very windy and it's been blowing constantly. Now I'll lean out my window and recite names. Love it!

    Would love to see the refashioned flip-flops. Glad you're doing well.


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  9. Oh, Curls O Fred...I'm glad you liked my idea of saying Lyra's name into the wind. It has been so windy these past couple years, even up here on the Canadian border. As you know, Nara's name means "oak". I've got a whole box full of acorns that have been sent to me. I'm putting my mud boots on and pushing acorns into the dirt in our woods...perhaps in the state park or other random placed in our area that I feel could use an oak and won't get mowed. It's windy and looks like rain. I will say "Lyra" "Nara" and the names of other babies I have gotten to know into the wind to take a trip through the trees to Canada and if it rains, I will say them to the rain so they can play in pools on the leaves and dance in puddles. We do all we can to tend to our heavenly babies.

  10. Cynthia you are wonderful! I think I may have to quote you in a blog post of my own! I find the weather gets me down a lot... I now have a new perspective! Thanks for sharing!!

    x <3 o

  11. Oh, Jaime. That pleases me. =)