Monday, August 29, 2011

Projects: Earring Holder

I did an earring holder project a while ago, but it didn't last. After moving, I needed a new place to hang my plethora of earrings. Now, I LOVE earrings, but Simon is Mr. Grabby right now, and so I've been abstaining from wearing them for the sake of my poor little ears.

So after a few insightful pins I saw on p.interest, I made my own. I used an old frame, some fishing wire, and nails. I wasn't patient enough to go pick up some wood staples, so I just mangled some nails (I know there is cringing going on somewhere as I mention that) to fasten the fishing wire. Thin jewelry wire could probably be used too. The frame could also be painted a fun accent color for some pop. If you try it out, you'll have to holler back and let me know what you ended up using. We haven't painted our room yet, so it's just leaning against the wall on my dresser for now, but it will eventually hang and look pretty nice I think.


  1. That is awesome. I just fashioned my own earring/necklace holder. This is much cooler than mine. Let me tell you.

  2. Cool!
    I made one years ago that I still use. I used a cheap frame and a very coarse, heavy gauge screen. The whole thing is painted blue and then marbled (we were into marbling at the time). I also got some small S-hooks (painted blue like everything else) that I can hang necklaces and bracelets from.

    I had just started wearing earrings again and I'm back to taking a break again. Wearing earrings is clear sign I'm going out. : )

  3. Oh that is just a fab idea! I will try this one as my earrings are shoved in a cloth bag. Carl really loves me with his patience when we are late for something and I'm rummaging around looking for the lone earring...

  4. I think I need to make one of these, if only so I can remember what earrings I already have! I tend to keep buying the same things over and over because I forget that I already have them :) I made something similar, sort of, for necklaces.

    I covered two corkboards with fabric and edged with ribbon, then used pushpins to hold the necklaces. As crafty as I'll ever get :) Thanks for sharing!