Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Projects: Where We've Lived

This project is years in the making. We first experienced art hops...art crawls...final fridays...sound familiar? The art galleries or other organizations in the city open their business up after hours once a month, for art displays and wine and snacks and you go from place to place...that kind of thing. We loved it. We had good friends we'd go with, and it was grand. I worked at a grad school, and kinda helped with some public relations stuff and asked if we could host an art hop for just one month...thinking it would bring people on campus and raise awareness about classes and such. Plus I knew there were a lot of great artists in the grad school community and why not share that with each other and the world? It was approved, and I started planning and organizing, with help from many good friends. And long story short, it was a great event.

My husband has great faith in my artistic skills, but he often is my muse. He'll come up with these amazing ideas, and he tells me as if I can just automatically produce them in all the glory he sees them in his head! This was one of his ideas...a snapshot of the cities we've lived as adults.  I was inspired by E. Mc.Knight K.auffer, and his L.ondon U.nderground posters from the 20's. I created these on my computer, choosing images that were sentimental for us, and had them printed for this art show...and they even sold!

I never had another set printed up for whatever reason. We moved back to Kansas, and experienced our two years from hell, and I didn't even consider making one for our new city. And then we moved again in March this year, and L kept getting on me about not having made the new one*. And that we should have them all printed and put up in our living room. So I finally dug in and did it...got them printed...framed...and now they are hanging in our living room.

We'll see if we add some more in the future, or not :)

*And for the sake of semi-anonymity here, I've removed the city names, and left the state names, though some may be well known enough that they can be figured out. I don't know if that's silly or not. But I did it.


  1. These are fantastic! You have so many gifts--you're an amazing artist! Really, these are super cool.

  2. So cool and what a neat idea!

  3. Those are really cool and beautiful.

  4. oh wow! I love these . . . I hear Etsy calling;)

  5. Wow, I'm stunned. These are so beautiful. I hear Etsy calling too. How much would you charge for each one?