Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thankful Tuesday 8.16.11

Recently I've been thankful for:

1. Rain. We have gotten a smidge of it as of late.

2. Green smoothies. I've been mixing strawberries, bananas, yogurt, spinach, milk, and honey. The banana and strawberries cover the spinach taste well. I found some other yummy recipes, and hope to make those too.

3. Projects. I've had some time in the evenings to work on some projects, which feels really good.


How about you? What has made you smile this week?


  1. Hmm, I'm distracted by the thought of spinach in a smoothie.

    Smiling this week about butterfly pancakes, a proud crawling girl, and not watering (yeah, I've been liking the rain too). Oh, and there's that double blueberry tart cooling on my counter.

    What kind of projects are you working on? (she says eying her own list/pile of projects she wants to do)

  2. I keep meaning to try green smoothies, I need the energy boost!
    I've been smiling this week at Ernest saying "No" as he approaches Florence's little shelf. He takes things off there and I always say "no those are Florences". then he blows Florence's photo a kiss, it's very sweet.

  3. smoothies sound delicious, i'll give it a go x anne

  4. We picked up some of our bins in storage yesterday and brought them to my parents' place to sort. I opened up the kitchen bin and found about a dozen baby spoons that I had packed away. That added to the 5 I already bought makes for a different snazzy spoon for Elena every day. Feeling like I had nothing and then to be reminded of how much I do have...that put a smile on my face.