Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Greetings

Thank you for your words of support and remembrance in regards to Lyra's second anniversary on Sunday. We had a low key day, and then did some star gazing that evening. Oh, how we love and miss her!

(I contemplated not putting this on here. But I've used all our names but L's, and you can glean most of our information from other places on the blog, so I just went with it. I didn't do the anonymity thing very well when starting the blog.)


  1. that is a beautiful holiday card Rachel!
    Thinking of you and sending light and love.

  2. Love your card! I didn't do the anonymity thing very well either but I never expected so many people to even take an interest in it either.

  3. Beautiful card.. and I admire your openness!

  4. Gorgeous card, friend. Wishing you peaceful and chock-full-o-love holiday. X

  5. What a lovely card. I hope I can do that someday. No cards from us this year. I wanted to say I am thinking of you and Lyra and wishing she was here celebrating with you, growing with you and bring you love. Hoping your holiday was better than last year

  6. beautiful card sweet rachel, it arrived last week, thank you so much for thinking of us!!i have tended to put anniversaries out of my mind lately, has it really been two years, sending you all my love and thinking of your beautiful lyra xxx anne