Monday, May 7, 2012

The Kitchen

As I was making biscuits tonight, Simon wanted to do his own preparations. He pulled the apron down for me to put on him, and gathered up a pot and measuring cups. And yes, that's a bottle of my lotion he's pretending to measure out...he hasn't figured how to open it yet (knock on wood).

I have some sort of egalitarian speech percolating in my head in defense of the fact that he's pretending to cook and bake. But ultimately, the speech is jumbled and unfinished, and L & I don't need a defense for our son, or how we are raising him. Some days, L models cooking and cleaning, just as I sometimes model mowing and putting oil in the car. It's all just life, and he's finding little ways to mimic and fit in to it and I love it.


  1. Love it—no egalitarian speech needed.

  2. LOVE IT! Alex sometimes plays with Barbies and dolls, and Abi sometimes plays in the dirt and with trucks. Who cares. The fact is he is your son. I think it is fantastic that you guys switch up the jobs that your 'roles' as parents say you should do! I mow all the time and Doug often does the dishes and vacuums. This is 2012, not 1940! :) lol. Lyra and Simon have great parents and you are doing a fabulous job! <3

  3. I love to cook with my boys, and they love to cook, too. I'll never forget a little girl one year when i was teaching Kindergarten. She was horrified on the first day of school when the boys were playing in the kitchen.

    "Boys don't play in the kitchen!" she cried.

    "Ever hear of Emeril?" I asked ;)