Friday, December 21, 2012

Family Photo

Thank you for your words on Lyra's three year anniversary. I had lovely flowers sent, donations made in her honor, and balloons released. We felt loved, and supported. Lyra was remembered.

And I've remembered so many other babies too...this season is not easy as we miss them in photos.


I have not gotten Christmas cards out to everyone. I didn't create a photo one this year, and I didn't have the option to do as many this year either. But this is our family this December. It's a good snapshot of how things are right now. Simon just got a haircut, his first. And he looks like a little boy, which he is, of course. And we watch as he grows and learns, rebels, & loves and is amazed by trucks, sirens, & wheels.

I love how the authors of "H.ow Do D.inosaurs Say M.erry C.hristmas" wish their readers a beautiful holiday season, and I'll leave you with it:

Wishing you an "abundance of love, joy, memory, and gratitude."


  1. The placement of the wrought iron curlique for me was the 'place' for Lyra in this picture

  2. So beautiful. Missing Lyra with you. Sending love. xo

  3. Beautiful picture, perfect sentiment . . . and I didn't do cards either

  4. Lovely photograph. And I think that MIN got it just right.

  5. Love the picture and you guys very much.

  6. I love this. Very similar in many, many ways!