Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One smile

I was walking ahead of Simon, clearing the path for him and leading the way as we wandered to more garage sales. Two little kids came walking the other way on the sidewalk, with their mom walking the street. We shared a quick smile and glanced at each other's children. That's all.

Just that one smile is all I know of this woman. This week, she was 34 weeks pregnant and started having contractions. She hemorrhaged, had an emergency c-section, and the baby died. She was rushed to the nearest big city with complications. And we learned she died last night.

I'm sitting here with that knowledge, with the discomfort of it. Trying not to run away. Breathing in and breathing out. Giving L and Simon an extra hug today.

L worked, and is friends with the woman's mother in law, so we may be going to the funeral to support the family in that way.

Some days it's easy. And other days, not so much.

Wishing you all a peaceful week.


  1. Oh how terrible. Sending love and light out to you and them and, just everybody. Ach. This life.

  2. So's crazy how we get so entrenched in the day to day and then are hit with an unimaginable loss in an instant that reminds us it's all so terribly random. Sending love and thoughts

  3. Wouldn't wish it on anybody. That poor husband without his wife and baby, and those poor children without their sibling and mother. It's enough to make me want to go to bed and weep for them and for my own baby.

  4. Oh, wow, so heartbreaking...holding them in thought and prayer, sending love.

  5. Rachel that is so tragic. I'm so sorry.


  6. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News