Monday, March 15, 2010


I visited Lyra's gravesite. Her little tiger we left to keep it company is still there despite not being tied down. I always worry about the Kansas wind getting it, but with storm season quickly approaching I know it really can be blown away. I found some duct tape in the car and made a loop around its leg and tied it to the temporary marker. We'll have to figure something else out when her headstone is put in sometime this spring. I got some good time just sitting by her site before it got too chilly. I did a bit of writing, and a lot of crying.

Totally separate, but somewhat connected to these pictures is my attempt to work with the Creative Everyday Theme for March: Stories

A man comes into the cemetery. He walks slowly, glancing right and left at the graves near him. He's not looking for one in particular; he's just passing some time as he walks to whatever his final destination is. As he nears one grave, he does a double take as it has an orange tiger sitting atop it. Dirt is still visible on the grave - not yet grown over by grass. He pauses in his walk, and then steps closer. 

He looks around, wondering if anyone is watching. He glances at a car nearby, but seeing as the young woman is staying in her car and not by a particular plot, he continues towards the grave for a closer look at the name; at the date.

With no other information than that, he nods his head as if he understands and turns to leave. He takes one last look around to glean more details about this little grave, but finds none and walks out of the cemetery.

Sometimes a story remains untold; a mystery in the heart of a stranger as they walk amidst the stones of the dead.


  1. So happy you got to spend some time at Lrya's gravesite. I love the tiger! xx

  2. I'm glad you were able to visit. I also love the tiger. So sweet. :) XO

  3. It'll be nice once the headstone is in. Maybe you could get a tiger permanently put on it or attached to it and it'll never blow away.

  4. We are putting an epitaph on Nara's gravestone. The sales man said, "you know, no one will read it except for you and family anyway" I am a graveyard wanderer. I love to read whatever minute clues there are on the stone as to the life that was lived and how it may have affected others.