Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A nice spring day showed itself yesterday, and LJ and I went to get cookies from a local bakery and visit the park. The park is quite nice, with a pond, gazebo, playground, live critter exhibit, and free water thingy that kids can play in during the summer. All fun things to do with your husband, but even more so with your kids. If you have them. Some day, right?

We walked around, and I snapped some photos with some of the better ones posted below. 
I am fond of trees and their texture.

My love.

These guys just seem delighted that they get some sunning time. 


  1. Mmm. Me too. The sun finally came out yesterday and I literally basked. I lay down on the living room floor in front of the window and just basked. Still too cold here for us to get out in it, though. Lovin the tree photo - cool angle.

  2. i like your new template! And I like your photographs, too.

    xxx Ines

  3. I love turtles sunning! Textured trees are pretty amazing too and your photo captures an interesting perspective.

  4. Awe, love those little turtles! and your new look! :)