Monday, April 19, 2010


Here I am playing catch-up on the March for Babies walk that was Saturday, the 17th. My camera batteries died, and one of my friends was gracious enough to donate her mad photo skills to get some of the following pics.

I woke up off and on all night long, nervous my alarm wasn't going to wake me up in time. It was a beautiful morning. After the glitch of our meeting place being closed, we got everyone gathered at the stadium for registration.  I knew to expect babies and children everywhere - and there were. 

I  held myself together quite well, except for when I was introduced to another mom who had lost one of her twins 5 years ago. When you stand there and know they have experienced something you have, and they understand where you are at, it's hard to hold it together. You try to keep it to tears with the people who don't know anything, but you just fall apart when they know exactly what it's like.

3 of us had made t-shirts, and I had made little badges for the rest of the walkers to wear.

We walked 2.5 miles, along the local river. I had my mother in law, and several good friends who walked with me, and I was thankful for them taking the time to support me in this. I was terribly disappointed in the local media though. I can't find any article or information on how many people attended, and no pictures from it. I plan to keep looking, but it's usually not this difficult. 

All in all, it was a good thing. I'm thankful to Maggie, because she had something about it on her blog and got me thinking about it.


  1. Such lovely pictures and I love the shirts! :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice walk! It looks like it was a nice day. I was thinking of you & little Lyra the whole time. :) I'm thankful for you too! XO

  3. What a beautiful day, Rachel.

    Love the shirts!!


  4. Lovely Pic. I will be walking int the March for Babies this Sunday the 25th.

  5. the walk looked like a good day and the t shirts looked great, thanks for visiting my blog and for your words, lyra is a beautiful name. i am sorry that she isn't here with you xxx anne

  6. I love it. One thing I noticed when I worked for a battered women's shelter as a domestic violence awareness person is that it can help to specifically invite the individual media outlets to attend and tell them why they should - why it would make good news. Decide what you want them to say and keep bringing the conversation back to that simple point over and over...