Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sketchbook pages 15 & 16
Pen/Watercolor & Pen/Ink

Good things from this weekend:
- My first ever marathon...I was part of a cheering crew for a friend. I made this sign for it!

- Yummy food and fun with my family back home.
- Two grocery bags of little boy clothes.
- Rain.

Hard things from this weekend:
- Picking up the stuff we stored after Lyra died.
- Sorting through her clothes to find the gender neutral ones.
- *sob*


  1. Oi. That last one--the sorting--is tough. Sorry :(

    I love the marathon sign! Were I in that race I'dve high-fived ya!

    Hang in there. xo

  2. oh hugs. what a hard thing to have to do. but you have been through hell, and yet you persevere. that one statement has helped me through so many days, hours, minutes. i hope it helps you.
    thinking of you

  3. oh gosh - that sorting would be so hard I'd imagine :-(

    page number 16 packs a whollop! that is a very powerful page and it really reached me and drew me in.

    and I love the painting and quote in page 15 - a very true quote... that I don't think anyone can come close to understanding until they've lost.

  4. <3 beautiful pages - sorry for the hard parts of the weekend :( (((hugs))) <3

  5. That first quote is beautiful. Well, that's what I was going to say until I read the second one and thought that one was striking, haunting and throbbing...and then I saw your sign for the marathon and just laughed out loud how we can be so deep and thoughtful and so...silly.
    love you.

  6. Hugs. I remember sorting through the clothes not so long ago and it was very hard. I cried harder than I had in a long long time.

    Maddie x

  7. I love the sketch book pages. As always they both move me and are so full of love and emotion.

    The weekend sounds a like a lovely and complicated mix of emotion. I remember sorting through and packing up all of Liam's things a couple years ago when we turned his room into the guest room. There were piles of Liam only and "if, maybe we have a child one day". It was hard, so hard. (((((hugs))))) to you for sorting through Lyra's clothes - time for her baby brother to wear them now.

  8. Sketchbook is stunning. Really gorgeous. Can't wait to see the whole thing. (I'm planning a trip to the lIbrary when they go on display.)

    And oof about the baby clothes. i did that with Lucy's stuff before Thor arrived, and it was hard. It felt so final or something.

  9. those pages are beautiful and i know how hard sorting through clothes is, i did it with Harvey's too and many tears were shed xxx