Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sketchbook Project: Pages 17 & 18
Pen and Watercolor

October: Day 13
Day 13 - a fictional book that is meaningful to you since your loss
This is pretty similar to Day 4. I'll just throw out some other books that I'm a fan of: Watership Down by Richard Adams...the Phillip Pullman trilogy, The Golden Compass series...and as a big nerd, anything by Tolkien. Tada.


  1. Oh, wow. The quote with on the right side is amazing! I love that. And once again, great art.

  2. I love your sketchbook. Its full of treasure.

  3. I am so moved by this. I love both quotes, but the one on the left really pulls me in. People keep throwing me that cliche "time heals all wounds". It makes me want to scream at them. TIME WILL NOT HEAL THIS! It may muffle and "swallow", but nothing could heal this. I'm going to have to contemplate this quote longer. It deserves that. I love your imagery with it.

  4. i have read all of the above books rach and loved them too, i just got something wonderful in the mail!!!!! thank you so much i'll send you an email as soon as i'm free , sending loads of love and thinking of you and your sweet lyra xxx anne