Sunday, October 24, 2010

October: 24

Day 24 - where you live
L and I both come from towns with a population of 1,000 people, so where we are now is "big" city, but with a nice small town feel too. Many people we went to college with ended up here, and through our jobs we can actually run into many people we do know or once knew. 

We chose to live near downtown, which was close to both our jobs and supported the downtown economy. When we decide to be social, we try to support the art and music crawls that happen twice a month, and any of the local shops in the area. The neighborhood we are in is fairly transient, with lots of renters, so we don't get to know our neighbors too often. We're close to two historic districts with big beautiful houses though, and we often meander those neighborhoods. 

We aren't sure if this is our final location, but we've enjoyed exploring and getting to know the city better these past two years.

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  1. It sounds really nice, actually. I love the art and music crawls in smaller towns, they have such a fun atmosphere.