Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October: Day 19

Day 19 - a talent of yours*
I hate to say that my talent is my graphic design or art. I've never displayed anything on here that I did before Lyra died. I did some good design work, though always with 'my critic' hanging over my shoulder. And the actual art that I did was always hesitantly produced. Now, I rarely design, and only do art. A funny swap...since I studied four years for design, and it's the option that actually makes money. 

*While running errands today I started worrying about this post. I'm usually not good at stating something that I'm good at...I downplay anything and everything in case I fail...so people can't point at me, because I've already pointed it all out. But since Lyra died, I've been working on self confidence...so that's why I so definitively stated my talent today. I feel like I sound arrogant though.


  1. It's ok to recognize what you're good at. Making the statement is different than tooting your own horn.


    No arrogance noted here.

  2. I've always loved all your works. :) You are far from arrogant. XO

  3. Hang it high!! (or whatever the saying is that means be proud). Your artwork is completely unique and wonderfully yourself.