Thursday, October 21, 2010


I dreamed I was holding Simon. He was healthy and perfect. He was wearing pink. But I had a yellow blanket that I was trying to cover up the pink with, and keep him warm. He was crying, but then I shifted him to my shoulder and he stopped...content. I was walking with felt good...natural...right.

I never have dreams about Lyra. I've never had one about Simon, until now. I don't pay much attention to dreams...but this one made me want this one to mean we're bringing him home with us.


  1. I haven't dreamed of Lucy since she died. The dream of Simon sounds powerful, especially as you are trying in the dream to make him his own being with the yellow.

  2. I always wonder if and when a dream of Amelia will come. I still haven't had one. But I do have plenty of 'wake up screaming' nightmares. I am ready for these to be replaced by something where I feel confident again.

    I am glad you got to have a good dream!

  3. Sounds like a really comfortable, peaceful dream. I've dreamed a lot of this new baby, his arrival, his delivery, but never, really, of Calla. Strange, the things that happen in our subconscious, yes?

    I'm with you on the dream's meaning :)

  4. So sweet! The dreams I've had about Alexandra have always been terrible and she's always been...dead. :( But I've had a lot of dreams about this little one and they are all of him alive and happy. Let's hope it's a good sign. XO

  5. a beautiful dream. That must be such a struggle, separating the two of them in your mind in so many ways. This pregnancy is not your pregnancy with Lyra...I wish your psyche got a clean slate and was only filled with hope and eager, happy expectation of Simon's arrival without that meaning forgetting your little girl...we all hold our breath with you and wait for Simon.