Monday, June 27, 2011

Random: Photography

We have a nice camera. We bought it when pregnant with Lyra in anticipation of the billions of pics I'd take of her. She died, so I took billions of pictures of our cat, Dinah.

We have Simon now, and I take billions of pics with my i.pod touch (dinky camera).


I've been ruminating on the reasoning behind my affinity for using my dinky camera over our nice camera. A nice camera means better quality pictures, and we spent all that money on it, so it shouldn't just sit there. The dinky camera is usually always with me though...and it's smaller and I can get to it quicker for Simon pics. I've been feeling guilty about it actually, which is a totally unnecessary use of time/energy. But I think I've come to a solid reasoning behind it all, that at least makes sense in my mind: there's less pressure with the i.pod.

See, I know people who take pictures professionally. And as an artist, I feel a large weight to do a good job when taking photos, even though I wouldn't call myself a photographer. So, using the nice camera means pressure to be "awesome".

Whereas this dinky little i.pod camera is just silly and goofy and there's no pressure associated with it. And I'm finding that I LOVE the pictures I get with the dinky camera. They aren't great quality, and I can't make posters out of them, but I wouldn't really do that anyway.

I think I'll still use our nice camera, and try to learn and feel more comfortable with it. But I won't try to put this useless pressure on myself, and I'll just enjoy the dinky camera :)


What about you? What do you find yourself gravitating to when you snap photos?


  1. hehehe I'm the same, I have this big ole SRL but take most of my photos with my Nexus :D

  2. Mostly I find myself saying "I really should get my camera."

  3. dinky older iphone camera. i feel much more pressure holding onto the DSLR, so have been leaving that to the hubby lately.

  4. I use my dslr, and scold myself daily for not learning to use it "properly", for not getting the tripod out, and not reading the manual. x

  5. Hahaha, I'm with Sara. I usually don't have my camera, and by the time I get it, no one is smiling and the moment has passed. But I do snap quite a few with my phone. Which, come to think of it, probably takes better pics than my camera, so there's that :)

  6. I use my phone more and more. Although I don't like the quality as much, the ease wins out more often than not! My friend has the Hipstamatic app and takes really cool shots (vintage looking) so I may purchase that soon to have a little more fun with my pics.

    x <3 o

  7. I have a nice camera too, but my phone camera is usually closer to me!

  8. this year for my birthday derek got me a point and shoot "dinky camera" for taking pics of the kids on the fly. the big camera just doesn't fit in the camera bag, and when you're dragging around a 30 lb carseat and a diaper bag, the 12 pound camera bag tends to be less of a priority :)

  9. I love the pics... Especially the one with your boys - so cheeky.

    Me and my phone have a strict "Phoney-relationship". No internet, no music and maybe 5 pics/year. (Due to its age I can also use it as a tool for self-defense.) Hence I always have the excuse to carry (and purchase new) bags - after all I need the camera, right?

    As someone who works with professional photography daily, I feel loads of pressure to do them right... but in the end realize I'm just a person with a camera, not a photographer. (Just as well as I'm no writer despite writing a blog).