Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog: July 1

It's Friday, and it just so happens that Simon is five months old today!

Since last week he's made tremendous progress on sitting up. He can do it on his own for a little bit, though still pretty wobbly and needs help still. He has enjoyed practicing standing too...his little chunky legs are getting quite strong.

And of course I jinxed myself by saying he slept through the night last friday, because he promptly had some terrible nights after that :) I actually think he wasn't getting enough sleep, so we've bumped getting ready for bed back, and made sure he gets three naps in during the day, and he seems to be doing better. *knock on wood*

He's been rolling to his sides, usually in an effort to suck on his feet.

We're still exclusively breastfeeding, which seems be fine with him (and me). Waiting til closer to 6 months seems to be the best option for us so far, though I'm researching and gathering supplies for introducing solids. He's certainly not lacking in gaining weight...we measured him ourselves yesterday at 21lbs, which seems like a fluke.

It's amazing how fast he learns and grows. I try to not blink so I don't miss any of it. I'll leave you with this photo of him helping with his diaper laundry :)


  1. what a cutie. i cant wait till my little ones get to the feet sucking stage... thats always so fun! i am impressed that you get in three naps a day! i am lucky if i can get my son to take any! Thanks so much for sharing him with us. HAPPY FIVE MONTH BIRTHDAY SIMON!

  2. Happy 5 month

    Wow—sitting! E. just sat unsupported for the first time on Tuesday much to my surprise.

    Very cute picture

  3. Oh what a sweetheart! I'll have to measure Elena and see how she measures up. Congrats lil' man on learning to sit up. Better to see the world around you!

  4. !!5!! Time is flying! Great progress little dude!

    x <3 o