Monday, July 18, 2011


I'll share some of the artsy things I've done recently:
Pen/Watercolor wedding shower gift

As requested, photos of the flip flops I refashioned.

L's father's day present. I repainted the frames and then hung items that were important for that day. I like that we can exchange out any of the pictures or notes, for things Simon will do in the future, or for remembering Lyra or really anything. The top left frame has Simon's footprints in a "heart" shape. The bottom right is one of Lyra's sonogram pics (bad glare in this pic).

I have a few other things I've done, but they are gifts, and the recipients have not yet received them. So those I'll show later on.


  1. Yay for the flipflops... looking good and sturdy (well, as sturdy as jandals can be). Absolutely love the frame-collection for J. I have a ton of different frames and spray-painted them silver last weekend. Now I wish I would've gone for colour... beh.

    Welcome to the New-Header-Club! Love it.... xoxo

  2. Simply put... nice nice nice!

    x <3 0