Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thankful Tuesday 7.26.11

Three things I'm thankful for today are:

1. I've gone a week without drinking any pop! I love a good pepsi or dr. pepper, but I'm looking to cut out useless foods/drinks. I'm now no longer craving it, so I hope I've passed the hard part :)

2. Swimming. I love it. I've been swimming laps twice a week and it just feels so good.

3. L made us a tablecloth. I know, not real exciting right? But we've never had a tablecloth before, let alone made one! We've had the material for, literally, 4 years. I hope to maybe recover the seat cushions, but I'm not sure what material yet.

Is there anything that has recently been a bright spot in a dark time for you?


  1. I'm on a kick-sugar-kick myself, but a perfectly-mixed fountain Pepsi? Delicious. I am thankful for cooler temps here, although I've been super thankful for air conditioning all summer!

  2. Funny, I usually don't have anything that's a bright spot, in what I consider my dark-time-life. But this time I do. I've been dieting. Yes, that's right. With the aim to lose weight. After the loss of my children, I put on a lot of weight. A lot. And I finally decided to do something about it. So seven weeks ago I started dieting. So my bright spot is that it's working. I'm losing weight. And that feels good!