Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog: July 22

Simon is learning to inch his way around the floor by laying on his back and kicking furiously. He also can rotate in a circle that way. He seems to reach for things with his left hand more, but we aren't sure that means anything yet. 

His current obsession is with books. We can't read a book without him wanting to maul it. We have an 'indestructible' book, and it's taking quite a beating, but still is in one piece. I need to buy about 8 more of them. I like them more than the board books even, in terms of withstanding his drool output.

He's thoroughly mastered the rolling from front to back. And he's currently working on back to front. He can't figure out that his arm has to be tucked, and gets quite frustrated, but he'll get it soon enough.

Below is a pic of when we were hunkered in the pickup with the AC blasting while L served some BBQ at a local county fair. Simon doesn't do heat well (and neither do I!).


  1. oh my he is growing so fast. what a cutie. he's gonna be on the move in no time

  2. Simon, you are quite amazing. You'll get the hang of rolling from back to front and don't worry, Elena is still trying to get that wayward arm out of the way too.