Thursday, August 18, 2011

Projects: A new purse

The 18th rolls around again, signaling 20 months without Lyra.

As mentioned in my post Tuesday, I've been working on some various projects. There's the necessary projects, such as laundry and vacuuming that do get done (I promise). And then the more fun projects, which I've decided to show you over the next several days.

Today I'll show you the purse I sewed. That's right...I used the sewing machine to successfully make something! I didn't use a pattern, because I'm not patient enough. You professionals, (especially Jeanette) don't look too closely :)

It's meant to be worn like a messenger bag. There's a back pocket from a man's pants suit on the outside. The strap is orange on one side, and the remaining material from the pants on the other, which is hard to tell in this photo.

On the inside I made a divider that splits the bag into two bigger spaces, while the divider is made up of two pockets of it's own.

I'm glad I did was actually kind of fun :)


  1. it looks great!, love that you re purposed the pocket, and the lining is lovely, goes really well with the main fabric.

  2. love it ! glad to see you take on the old sewing machine, i make stuff all the time ( not very well) but i still love doing it. i often find heaps of free tutorials on the internet too, i think it has become my new art. xxx anne

  3. How fun! You've inspired me to give the sewing machine another whirl.

  4. I love it!
    sewing without a pattern is all I ever do :-) It's lots of fun (and now I use Amy's awesome term for it 'adventure sewing' thanks Amy!)

  5. Cool! Love the pants pocket pocket.

  6. Wow... lovely purse! I have a few hand-sewn bags her, but never dared to use the machine to do them. Now seeing this, I might give it another try. xoxo