Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thankful Tuesday 8.2.11

Three things I'm thankful for, or excited over, or just a listing of shtuff.

1. The band Mumford and Sons. New discovery for me...I know, I'm late to the music scene

2. August. Because August means cooler weather...and moisture....right!?  *looks to the sky and shakes fist*

3. A yummy, yummy carne asada recipe that reminded me of when we lived in California. It's simple, but delicious.
Are you ready for a new season?


  1. Yeah man, Mumfords are where it's at. I think because we now have AC I am really enjoying summer much more than ever. Weird. But this morning I went for a run and it was *only* 70 degrees, and I got excited for Fall.

  2. I feel like summer's flying by—so much canning still to do and maybe another trip to the beach to squeeze in . . . but I always love fall