Monday, August 1, 2011

Living Room Redo

This is now our updated living room. We bought couches for the first time, and have comfortable places for people to sit now! L picked the purple color for the accent wall, after mulling over the possibilities of orange, red, and green. It goes nicely with our muted purple chair, and the "granite" color of the couches.

We wanted an area that would be a good location to read, play games, watch movies, or just hang out. I feel that we've succeeded :)


  1. Looks fabulous, is that one of your paintings on the wall?

  2. Beautiful. I love those colors and your style. Not that that is surprising, but makes me want to curl up with you and a cuppa, talk about everything and watch Simon.

  3. I've usually just responded by email to comment questions, but some questions are helpful for multiple people. So, I'm figuring out how to respond to comments...and I guess this will have to do.
    Jeanette, it is one of my paintings, and the four on either side of the tv are also my designs. The three right over the tv are done by a close friend.

    Angie, that would be lovely wouldn't it :)

  4. Love it ... stylish yet functional!

  5. I think it looks wonderful!
    I love the purple (and it goes so well with your big painting)