Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog: July 29

Simon is six months old in two days. Um, when did that happen? I've propped my eyes open so I don't miss anything, and it still goes too fast. 

Of course after stating last week that he wasn't rolling from back to front, he promptly did it the next day. He's a rolling machine now. Which I assume is what is throwing the glitch into his falling-to-sleep abilities. We won't get into that. But once he's fully conked out, he still sleeps through til 6am.

We'll start some solids soon. He hasn't showed a lot of interest in our food, besides the generic "I must slobber on everything" bit. He's been playing with a spoon and sippy cup at meal times, so he feels included and gets used to having them. I have some brown rice cereal and sweet potatoes for when we dive in...haven't decided which to start him on yet.

I'll end with pictures from this week: Simon playing in an empty plastic tub; a close up; pic with momma; and his little tiger butt...look at those rolls on his legs!!


  1. what a cutie! i, too, can't decide exactly when to start solids. I love how well he is sitting up on his own here. wow! you are like a look one month into our future haha. thank you so much for sharing simon with us!

  2. Happy 6 months Simon.
    He will let you know when he is ready to start solid (really).

  3. Holy cutness overload! Happy 6 months!

    At first solids felt like a fail over here, and Arlo is almost 7.5 months. We just started trying to give him cereal and purees over the last couple of weeks. I kind of freaked out with worry a little, but started reading more on baby-lead weaning and felt better. We're just offering once a day at dinner. He'll take a few very small bites and is done. We've been giving him a watermelon rind (with just a little bit of melon left on it) and a big apple wedge to nom on, just to introduce tastes, and these have been a hit. (I think they feel good on his gums since he's teething.) Anway, all that to say that it's been a study in trial and error and honoring his cues. Have fun with it, and don't worry! :)

  4. I love the portrait collage with the picture of you and Simon!

  5. i haven't been here for a while -- just thought i'd stop by to leave hugs for all of you and a little star for lyra. simon is adorable! congrats on making it through the first six months -- it is quite a ride isn't it?!

  6. Happy 6 months, Simon!! The pics are absolutely adorable... instant smile generator! Sending much love. xoxo