Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog: September 30

(I'm all out of whack with the blog world. Onceamother is not doing the Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo today, but I missed last week, so I'm catching up.)

We are on the go here. Simon's been working on crawling for a while now...getting up on a knee and two arms, but not quite getting the fourth leg right. But the last two days everything's clicked, and he's inching his way around now.

He also may have some top teeth getting ready to give him some trouble soon, but none poking through yet.

He's also a good helper when I do laundry, or when I just need some good drum beats to do some chores to.

Oh, and did I mention he'll be 8 months old tomorrow? I'm really trying to savor every single second...even the hard ones (sometimes)...because I know it's just going too fast.

I love this boy more than I ever thought possible.


  1. Happy 8th Month Simon. Yes, it goes by too fast. Savour even those teething/screaming/snotty nosed/pooped up the back moments. Each is so precious - he's so precious.

  2. wow on the move! dot is not quite there yet, she kind of does one knee, one butt cheek, two hands then splat, onto her belly. it certainly does go fast doesn't it. i started savoring it in photos, but i've put the camera away for a bit and now i'm just savoring it. lots of love to you and simon curls, glad to hear all is well xxx anne