Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog: September 16

I'm a bit behind, but still posting before the Friday hours dry up here. We've had some glorious cool weather as of late, and have been taking many walks and enjoying the chance to be outside without toasting ourselves.

The last time I checked in, we were headed to a wedding. Traveling is still rough. We missed most every nap that whole weekend, which made for one fussy baby...understandably. For the wedding, he was quiet, until the bride walked down the aisle, and then we decided to get noisy, so we spent the rest of the wedding out in the lobby area with a few other moms and their noisy kids. It was an evening wedding, with a lovely reception afterwards, but that meant more of our sleep routine muddled up. I got five minutes at the reception before he had a complete meltdown, so we quickly headed to where we were staying to put him down for the night. Our drive home was still rough, but I attributed everything to the lack of sleep and routine.

The day after we got home, I was feeling around in his mouth to check on the status of any teeth, and two little front teeth were already poking through! I felt horrible not having noticed during the busy weekend. No wonder he was fussy. He's such a big boy already.

Solids have been interesting as of late. He's gotten really stubborn about eating. As in, not really wanting to for the most part. He'll take a spoonful of something he liked at one point (like sweet potatoes or carrots), get a terribly disgusted look on his face and refuse to eat more...turning his head and shaking his arms. I don't force food on him, and I'm sure there's some logical learning reason for his being difficult. I'm reading Super Baby Food, which takes you month by month, and explains that sometimes the frustrating points are them learning how to feed themselves, or understanding how this new found element fits into their lives. So I'm chalking it all up to that.

Anyway, I've rambled a bit tonight. I'll leave you with a pic of Simon in the tub :)


  1. I have found that the key to baby feeding is distraction. Put some interesting stuff on the tray and you can get anything in their face. With my DS, it is puffs, or anything else he can self feed. While he is trying to pick up the food on his tray he usually lets me get some spoonfuls of stuff into his mouth. With my DN it is toys. Put a robot on his tray and you can feed him anything in the world. Just wanted to share what works for us, of course all babies are different, and you know yours the best.

    Oh, and I have had the same experience. Super fussy baby for a few days, and I get all exasperated. And then all of a sudden notice a tooth or two budding and you feel just so awful. And you just want to slap your forehead. Now when he is cranky I try to check his mouth first thing. But sometimes those teeth are sneaky.

  2. Simon has teeth! Oh, little guy! Yes, weddings are always difficult with babies. Pictures during nap time, ceremony during the next nap time, the dinner during bedtime. It's hard on them and even harder on us!

  3. Yah for teeth!! And yes, they can just sneak up on him... and you! As great as it is to get out with a babe there really is comfort for everyone in routine. I am sure your friends were thrilled that you got to spend some time with them on their wedding day even if it was short and sweet!

    Simon, you are adorable!! Love your little grin!

    x <3 o