Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day of the Dead Swap: Year 2

I'm a bit behind in showing this, but we had a Day of the Dead art swap this year, which I was so excited to do again. Last year, we worked with the artist trading card size. This year we worked with the idea of textiles.

Below is the picture of what all was sent by everyone involved: Potholder- Amy, Potholder- Kelly, Sketchbook holder- Ines, Crocheted skull- Beth, & Felted skull- Angie. Aren't they all just lovely?! I love them. (I had created a knotted bracelet, but didn't get a picture snapped of it.)


  1. me too!Enjoyed making as much as receiving and I'm sorry I haven't taken photos of everything I received from you. I'm wearing your bracelet around my ankle, too. Think it's a little bit late for a photo?


  2. So cool! Love it...

    (and it was nice to see last year's swap in the link. I have put these into frames recently and hung them up in my kitchen yesterday.)