Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Projects: Food

When we lived in California, we became more aware of our food choices. Not necessarily organic, but where it came from and how it was produced. We helped good friends garden and ate the deliciousness that was produced there. We tried to make things from scratch and tried to be more conscientious of how we treated our surroundings. Our move back to Kansas made for some bumps, but we continued supporting locally produced foods and tried to continue making stuff from scratch. And then December 18th rolled around and that all flew out the window. There was no energy to care about any of that anymore.

I don't know if it's from our final adios to summer, or just the winter chill attempting to settle in, but we've been cooking and baking a lot more again. It feels like we are kind of getting some of our groove back in that regards. It's taken almost two years to get to this meager little spot. I'm even excited at the idea of a garden this next year, even in the face of the 100 degree demon temps we get for a good chunk of the summer.

Again, Pinterest has supplied a lot of ideas for yummy goodies to try. I'll share a few that I've tried, and I'll inquire about something that you've tried lately, or is a standard favorite in your household.

Homemade Poptarts: these were easy, and simply divine. So yummy. I whipped up my own icing with water and powered sugar and a touch of vanilla. You could easily do a variety of other icings that you might prefer more.

Rye Bread (mimic of Out.back Steakhouse): this was a flop for me, but only because I messed up the amount of yeast I used and it tasted yeasty. I would like to try again though.

Sweet Potato Ravioli: This is a new favorite for me. The pasta is two ingredients, the filling is quick and easy, and the sauce is subtle but yummy. I had a side of peas, and homemade rolls (link below). A nice white wine(?) would go nicely with it too.

Quick Yeast Rolls: I've made these twice now, and they are definitely my new favorite roll recipe. Quick and easy (notice a pattern in all my recipes?), but super tasty. They are fluffy and soft and I love them. I might dabble in adding some whole wheat flour and see how they do.

I'd love to see what you are trying...leave a link in the comments :)


  1. Those rolls sound great - I'm going to try that tonight. Here's a great easy recipe I just got for pumpkin muffins: 1 box spice cake mix + 1 15-oz can pumpkin
    Mix and bake. That's it! They're even better w/crream cheese frosting!

    These would be great for people w/egg or milk allergies.

  2. I'm in fall mode and one of my fall backs is squash mac and cheese. I start from this recipe

    I cook my own butternut, omit the ricotta unless I have it on hand, and use some combination of cheeses I have in the fridge/freezer (usually cheddar, Swiss, and American). I like to serve it with sauteed spinach or kale. I usually toss some white beans with the greens or have it with mustard coated pork chops.

  3. I love food! I started a food blog a couple years ago and occasionally add to it. Check it if you have not already. Some is good for you, some not so much, but most everything I post on there is yummy!