Monday, November 7, 2011

Projects: Car Seat Cover

I had a baby shower to go to this past weekend. The family had twin boys, but one only lived for three hours after birth. We were out of town for the memorial service, so I put something in the mail for them to show we remember him. I wanted to be sure and attend the baby shower though, since that is also a big part of their lives...raising his brother (and his older siblings). 

I found this link for a car seat cover on pinterest and figured it'd be pretty easy to make. When Simon was born, we didn't have a car seat cover, and just used a blanket, which always blew off with a wind gust. This is nice because it actually buttons on, and seemed like a great way to keep the little one warm in the cooler temps we are getting now. I followed the tutorial pretty much the whole way through, and liked the outcome. The hardest part was the button holes.

The pics are terrible with bad lighting and from my ipod, but you'll get the idea.

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  1. Cool! Good job! Wish you had to make two of them ... I hope this family is finding comfort from your support.